A recent interest in my genealogy sparked my investigation of my Scottish heritage. My great-grandmother was a Buchanan, and I have been in an ongoing process of tracing my roots as far back as possible. This page is a collection of information about the Buchanan Clan.

A picture of Buchanan Castle, near Loch Lomond in Scotland, taken on my trip to the United Kingdom in May 2002. What a beautiful foreground!

Trina and me in front of "our" castle! :)

I tramped through the mud around the fenced-off Buchanan Castle to get this view of an old door to the castle. It looks quite eerie, doesn't it?

"The ruin of Buchanan Castle is crowned with the remains of many turrets, bartizans and towers. It incorporates an L-plan tower house. The main block has two storys and an attic, towers at each, and a turreted entrance block.

The old castle was the seat of the Buchanans, but was sold to the Grahams in 1682. Burned down in 1850, the foundations were used in part to support the new baronial mansion in 1854. The gardens that surrounded the castle have been taken over by a golf course. The castle is ruined, but 'consolidated.'" --from Serenry: Buchanan Castle.

The traditional tartan of the Buchanan clan

Clarior Hinc Honos (Latin: "Brighter hence the honour.")

Audaces juvo (Latin: "I help the brave")

The Buchanan mottos


Gaelic Name for Buchanan

Clar Innis

The Buchanan slogan, from Clairinch, the Buchanan ancestral island on Loch Lomond (originally used as a warcry).

The Homeland

The Buchanan Clan's ancestral homeland is just east of Loch Lomond in central Scotland. The heart of the Buchanan lands lies on Clar Innis, an island on Loch Lomond. The Buchanan territory also includes the lands immediately to the east of Loch Lomond.

The Buchanan Badge

A closer look at the Buchanan badge, with the Buchanan Clan motto.

"The Crest of the Chief is worn by all members of the Clan and of approved Septs and followers of the Clan, within a strap and buckle surround bearing the Chief's motto. This is for personal wear only, to indicate that the wearer is a member of the Clan whose Chief's crest-badge is being worn." --From Electric Scotland.

The Buchanan Arms

Another version of the Buchanan arms.

The Buchanan Tartans

Three traditional tartans were worn by each Scottish clan in ancient times, depending on the occasion. The first is the traditional tartan seen above. The other two are:

Dress Tartan
The dress tartan.

Hunting Tartan
The hunting tartan.
This tartan is much more colorful than the hunting tartans of most other clans. Apparently the Buchanans were dandies. :)


Clan Buchanan. A wonderful page by a family of Buchanans in Canada. Lots of great pictures of Buchanan Castle.

Clan Buchanan by Electric Scotland. A site based in Scotland itself, with a great history of the clan and pictures of the various Buchanan tartans.

Tartans of Scotland. The comprehensive site on Scottish tartans.

Buchanan Arms Hotel: Drymen, by Loch Lomond. Spend the night in the hotel named for the Buchanan clan!

Visit Loch Lomond--a visitor's guide to Loch Lomond, the beautiful lake by the Buchanan lands. Go to their Castles page for a look at and more info about Buchanan Castle, among others in the area.