Random Fun Stuff

Yes, this page is gaudy, tacky, and perhaps a bit obnoxious, but you've got to admit it's entertaining! ;)

The Fab 4 at the Ivories
The Beatles at the piano. One of my favorite shots of my absolute favorite band!

Paul with puppies
...and one of my favorite shots of my favorite Beatle!

Man in the Moon
My smiley moon...

The VW Beetle!

Chameleon Beetle
Pick a Beetle, any Beetle :)

We all live in a yellow submarine...

Yo quiero Taco Bell
Ah, me gusta mucho este perro!

Do Re Mi Do Re Mi Do Re Mi
The best animated notes I could find on the web...and it took me a while!

My beloved instrument, a source of endless enjoyment...

Treble Clef
And a treble clef, of course...

Stars and Stripes

Hail, Red, White & Blue...

Now playing for your listening enjoyment..."Brown-eyed Girl"