For years I had planned and dreamt of my trip to the UK, and it actually happened sooner than I had expected--May of 2002. It's rare that I build up expectations as high as I did for this trip, and actually have them validated. But that's exactly how I describe my UK trip--everything I'd hoped for and more. I look back now with wonderful memories, and a confirmed adoration for the country and its people, scenery, and culture. Here's just a glimpse of the best of what we saw! Just looking over these pictures makes me "homesick" every time. :)

The trip was May 15-31, 2002. We started and finished in London, visiting both Scotland and England, with a focus on London, Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands & Loch Lomond, and southeastern England (Kent and East Sussex). I've divided my on-line photo album into three sections for faster loading.



The English Countryside

We're famous! Having made our pilgrimage to Abbey Road as dutiful Beatles fans, we submitted our pictures to Abbey Road, where we now join the ranks of Beatles fans who have "crossed over." Look at their "Have You Crossed Over" section under June 2002 for our pictures! :)

Live WebCam outside Porter's English Restaurant in Covent Garden, London

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