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My own material

  • Soap, Anyone?--a short essay on modern "speech"

  • May I Suggest? list of favorite books, with short reviews.

  • My English translation of selected fables by Augusto Montoroso

  • My English translation of "La Cigarra y La Hormiga", a Spanish fable by Felix Samaniego

  • My analysis of The Great Gatsby

  • "In Their Life"--a poem I wrote about the Beatles, the world's greatest band.

  • My science fiction short story, Aristocracy Amplified

  • Oh please...--a little rant of mine about the relationship between date rape and the way women dress.

    Other Material

  • The Dr. Laura Official Website--While I don't agree with everything she says, Dr. Laura's got it right on the majority of issues--and isn't afraid to say it!

  • TV Statistics--these numbers should send chills down your back.

  • Keep up with what's happening on CNN News

  • Illinois Right to Life Committee

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