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  • Go your own beliefs with those of the presidential candidates! You fill out a short survey, and it rates you according to political philosophy and compares your views on each subject with the candidates'. Also find info on writing to your representatives, as well as other political issues in which you can make a difference for your country and the world.

    While not directly related to my interest in environmental concerns, this issue certainly has relevance to the world around us. As a student of science and dabbler in all things technical, I generally enjoy the proliferation of scientific research and new advances and discoveries. However, as a strong believer in the Bible as an infallible source of knowledge, I believe that the scientific world--for the most part--has ignored the overwhelming evidence in favor of special creation and chosen instead to push the theory of evolution--into the schools, into popular literature, and into society as a whole. While the majority of researchers in this area are intent on taking God out of the picture, there are still many researchers who are working to make evident the copious amount of evidence supporting the creation of the universe by God.

    While modern science's support of evolution troubles and frustrates me as a Christian, it also angers me as a logical, concerned citizen--when scientists ignore a rational explanation and try instead to devise unscientific explanations for natural phenomena in order to forward their own personal agendas, they are compromising not only our religious beliefs but also good science as a whole. In the past, great scientists like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have acknowledged the obvious design and order present in the universe, made possible only by purposeful creation. I hope that the evidence presented below (I hope to add more links as I find them) will cause you to examine carefully the serious flaws in the evolutionary theory, as well as the strong evidence supporting creationism.

    Top Evidences Against the Theory of Evolution--solid, scientifically-based arguments against the major precepts of evolutionism.

    Scientific Photo Gallery--more evidence with photos supporting a worldwide flood and the coexistence of dinosaurs and humans.

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